Shapes which require intricate doming, such as donut rings or stars,
may be subject to extra costs - please contact us for a quote.
gel domes
Lead time
The minimum order quantity per design is 25.
Minimum Order
The minimum size is 9mm dia. or 10mm Wdth or Lgth.
Minimum Size
Also known as gel labels, bubble badges,
epoxy domes, crystal stickers, domed
emblems, dome decals, poly badges.
New orders - You will need to supply us with an artwork when ordering,
please read our artwork guidelines before submitting artwork.
Click here to email us your artwork, or here to upload with your order.
Repeat orders - No need to re-send your artwork, we keep all
previously supplied jobs on file for your convenience.
Dome Badges.
Digital printing also gives us the flexibility to offer full colour printing for
your badges, with no restriction on amount or range of colours including
metallic gold and silver. Domed labels are self-adhesive and supplied
on sheets - simply peel off and stick on.
Domed badges are printed on premium
grade vinyl with super strength adhesive
backing, topped with liquid polyurethane
which hardens to a crystal clear, flexible
dome. We are able to produce domed
badges and labels with your design in
any shape or size required.
Please allow 5 working days for despatch of domed labels.
printed domed labels
Sizes up to 400 sq. mms [includes round 9mm to 22mm dia]
To order online - The price of domed badges is determined by the
area size of the badge and the quantity ordered.
The first thing you need is the size of the badge in square millimetres.
For rectangle shaped labels and signs this is simply the width
multiplied by the height  e.g 75mm wide x 25mm high = 1,875 sq. mm's.
For custom shaped and oval domed badges, multiply the longest point
in width by the longest point in height.
For round domed badges it is pi multiplied by the radius squared -
this useful online tool here will help with your calculations.
Once you know the area size of your domed label, click the
size band from the list below to view prices and to order online.
Click a size band for prices and ordering -
Sizes 601-800 sq. mms [includes round 28mm to 31mm dia]
Sizes 1001-1200 sq. mms [includes round 36mm to 39mm dia]
Sizes 2001-2400 sq. mms [includes round 51mm to 56mm dia]
Sizes 2401-2800 sq. mms [includes round 57mm to 59mm dia]
Sizes 3601-4000 sq. mms [includes round 68mm to 71mm dia]
Sizes 401-600 sq. mms [includes round 23mm to 27mm dia]
Sizes 801-1000 sq. mms [includes round 32mm to 35mm dia]
Sizes 1201-1600 sq. mms [includes round 40mm to 45mm dia]
Sizes 1601-2000 sq. mms [includes round 46mm to 50mm dia]
Sizes 2801-3200 sq. mms [includes round 60mm to 63mm dia]
Sizes 3201-3600 sq. mms [includes round 64mm to 67mm dia]
Sizes 4001-4500 sq. mms [includes round 72mm to 75mm dia]
Sizes 4501-5000 sq. mms [includes round 76mm to 79mm dia]
Sizes 5001-5500 sq. mms [includes round 80mm to 83mm dia]
Sizes 5501-6000 sq. mms
Sizes 6001-6500 sq. mms
Sizes 6501-7000 sq. mms
Sizes 7001-7500 sq. mms
Sizes 7501-8000 sq. mms
Sizes over 8001 square millimetres please contact us for a quote.
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Bubble labels.

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