css3menu.com handheld cutter for 25mm round discs
Handheld cutters cut out round printed paper discs to fit many
of our emblematic components. For use in conjunction with our
clear domes and A4 self-adhesive photo paper.
A clear and visible cutting area ensures precision and accuracy
with every cut.
This is a useful way to make short runs and one-offs, or to fulfil
immediate orders for pin badges, keyrings, trophies, etc..

Directions for use -
- Print out your design/s on self adhesive paper
- Stick a polyurethane clear dome on the design
- Cut out with hand cutter
Clear domes - standard sizes
Popular standard size clear domes are held in stock  for immediate despatch.
Sizes stocked - 16mm diameter - 16mm square - 18mm diameter
                          - 18mm square - 25mm diameter - 25mm square
25mm x 25mm square
Item Ref. CUTHH25x25 30.00 each
16mm dia. round
Item Ref. CUTHH16 30.00 each
16mm x 16mm square
Item Ref. CUTHH16x16 30.00 each
Handheld cutter sizes available -
18mm dia. round
Item Ref. CUTHH18 30.00 each
44mm x 13.5mm rectangle
Item Ref. CUTHH44x13 30.00 each
32mm x 19mm rectangle
Item Ref. CUTHH32x19 30.00 each
25mm dia. round
Item Ref. CUTHH25 25.00 each
Prices quoted are sterling and do not include VAT or shipping.
Ordering & Payment
As well as online, you can place your order by phone
01372 376904 or email - sales@keyfactors.co.uk
Cutters are usually available from stock for immediate despatch.
This cutter for standard size
centres for trophies and medals.
23.8mm x 26mm rectangle
Item Ref. CUTHH24x26 30.00 each
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