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Order 25 or more round badges with the exact SAME WORDING
AND COLOUR COMBO and you qualify for discount quantity prices - 
Badges with your own text are 2.00 each (2.40 inc. vat), with a minimum total order of 5 badges. You may mix n' match badges
with different text, and any combination of colours and shapes.
To order round badges with your own text online -
1. Type the text you want in the box/boxes provided. Please take
    care as we will reproduce text EXACTLY AS TYPED.
    Remember to use the correct upper or lower case and any
    punctuation. You can have up to 3 lines of text on each badge.
2. Select text colour.
3. Select background colour. See colour swatch below.
4. Select badge fitting and colour.
5. Type quantity of each badge required.
Ref no. PBD25T
Overall size 27mm x 8mm
1st line of text:   

2nd line of text:   

3rd line of text:   

Text Colour:     

Background Colour:     

Badge Pin Type:    

Qty req'd:    
round badge with one line of text round badge with two lines of text round badge with three lines of text
Clutch fitting.
  25+ badges 1.60 each (1.92 inc. vat)
  50+ badges 1.40 each (1.68 inc. vat)
100+ badges 1.30 each (1.56 inc. vat)
500+ badges 1.20 each (1.44 inc. vat)
Two back fittings and two colours available for round
badges, choose from a clutch fitting or a pin clasp fitting. 
Clasp fitting.
These are superior quality metal lapel pin badges with a highly
polished silver or gold colour finish base and a scratch-proof,
non-fading polyurethane dome front.
You can choose from 20 different colour backgrounds, and have
your chosen text printed in either metallic silver, metallic gold,
black or white. (Please read advice on colour selection below).
Custom made round badges with your own text.
colour swatch for custom text badges
Colour swatch - 20 colours to choose from. 
Delivery Custom made badges are usually despatched
within 5 working days of ordering.
Ordering & Payment  As well as online, you can place your order
by email sales@keyfactors.co.uk or phone 01372 376 904 
Colour selection advice
Try to choose contrasting colours for your text and background,
otherwise your badges may not be easy to read at any but a very
short distance. We recommend -
Silver text - All background colours except white, gold, silver.
Gold text - All background colours except deep yellow, gold, silver.
White text - All background colours except bright yellow, white.
Black text - use on lighter backgrounds only. Not recommended on
navy blue, deep red, deep violet, dark green, dark brown, purple.
For gold and silver backgrounds, black text colour is the best choice.
Post & Packing
1-24  badges - 3.20 + vat to any UK address.
 25 + badges - 3.40
 50 + badges - 3.95
 75 + badges - 5.45
100+ badges - 8.45
200+ badges - 9.55
500+ badges - 9.85
International orders - extra delivery costs
may apply and will be added before checkout.
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Click here for bar badges.
Click here for round badges.
Click here for star badges.
*Please take care when ordering custom badges as we will reproduce
text EXACTLY AS TYPED. Remember to use the correct upper or
lower case and include any punctuation.
Do not try to include too much text as your lettering may become too
small to be legible. The printed part of this badge is 25mm diameter.
Round badge with
one line of text.
Round badge with
two lines of text.
Round badge with
three lines of text.
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