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Self-assembly information.
Please note - KEYFACTORS printed domes are made with
polyurethane resin. They are a superior product to 'epoxy
domes' which are made with epoxy resin and tend to be
cheaper but are prone to yellowing, curling and long term

Blanks* and printed domes are supplied as seperate items.
The domes are on sheets and have a pressure sensitive adhesive
backing which forms a permanent bond when applied to a surface.
*On this information page we refer to badges but the same
instructions applies for all emblematic components we supply
- cufflinks, keyrings, tieslides, medals, charms, etc..
blank bar badges and domed inserts ready to be assembled.
Very simple and takes just a few seconds for each badge.
First make sure your hands are clean of grease or make-up and ensure
your working surface is clean too. This will ensure no fingermarks are left
on your badges during assembly.
To assemble, peel a dome off its backing sheet and put into the recess
in the badge blank. Try to avoid touching the sticky backing of the dome
as this may harm its adhesion qualities.
Apply slight downward pressure on the dome to help the adhesion to
bond. Depending on the badge type, you may need to take care to
'line up' the dome with the badge fitting.
Ready to wear badges.
If you prefer, we now supply badges complete including assembly.
Please choose option 4 'printed badge ready to wear' to order.
Allow an extra 2-4 working days for delivery of your badges for
this option.
If you are not happy with your initial alignment or want to make an
adjustment, you can carefully prise the dome back out using a scalpel,
kraft knife or similar sharp flat instrument. Prise out and re-apply.

The adhesive layer will now start to form a permanent bond between
the dome and the surface of the metal badge blank which becomes
stronger over the next few hours and is at full strength after 24 hours.
If you have any questions about self-assembly, please email us
sales@keyfactors.co.uk. We are happy to help.
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